cARTer Cottage Décor

Heavy gauge steel metal artwork

About Us


Carol and Terri are cousins.  They got the name cARTer, by putting the first three letters of Carol and the first three letters of Terri together!  And capitalizing “ART” because they are selling the most unique art they had ever seen!

Both girls were born in Saskatchewan.  They love the prairies, the horses, the bears, the cowboys, the sunsets, almost everything about the prairies, except the winters.

Carol is a Graduate Gemologist.  Her love for sparkle and color drew her to these magnificent metal art wall hangings. After meeting the artisans, the girls knew this is where Country meets Metal!

Terri, on the other hand, is a born sales girl.  She loves people and she loves to talk.    Another love that Terri has is for bears.   She owns a cabin in Northern Saskatchewan which you can’t help but notice her theme is “bears”.  She has everything from statues, planters, dishes, towels, bedding, area rugs, lamps and more.  She claims she only has the “Bear Necessities!”  At least she thought, until she seen the most  amazing and detailed metal art! Not only did Terri buy for herself but she wanted to share these unique  gifts with her friends. 

Together, Carol and Terri, hope you will be as happy with your metal art choices as they are!