cARTer Cottage Décor

Heavy gauge steel metal artwork

Cabin Decor

Cottage style that is sure to impress!

If you’re looking to bring the outdoors in cARTer Cottage Décor has the answers.  We feature a wide variety of themes including bears, moose, wolves, deer, buffalo, elk, pinecones, rustic cabins and three dimensional scenes.   There are several metal wall art pieces and themes to choose from.  These themes can be found in most all of our product lines and in varying shapes and sizes. 

 Decorating is made easy with our wide variety of rustic cabin décor.  Several pieces are much more than “art” as they are multi-functional.  Our coatracks are not only used to hang jackets and snow suits but are handy by the hot tub for towels and swimsuits!

Cabin coziness is heightened by the rainbow of colors which is achieved by the artists using a flame torch.  They are plasma cut and hand ground.  The final step is a baked on powder coated high gloss finish.  No two pieces are ever alike.  The colors range from vibrant blues and greens to browns and amber and will change or are enhanced depending on the lighting.

 All work is original and copyrighted by the artists.